Sex with Suzy – The Pretty Puppet

This comic is based on, and contains elements from, “Suske en Wiske – De Tirannieke Tor” (C) Vandersteen.

(Dutch version here: Seks met Wiske – Het Pronte Popje)

In the original comic Suzy’s doll Molly becomes part of an experiment from Professor Barabas which brings her to life. Suzy awakes if she hears someone calling her name that night and witnesses the effect of the experiment. Her doll has grown to a teenager and is standing next to the bed with her naked body wrapped in a towel and asks for some clothes because her own didn’t grow with her. Suzy gives her some clothes from Aunt Sidonia and the story goes on.

Suske en Wiske - De Tirannieke Tor (fragment)

Suske en Wiske – De Tirannieke Tor (fragment)

In this parody-comic this scene turns out a bit differently…

The day before the experiment Suzy got a huge vibrator from Spike as a joke. When Suzy was dreaming about an adventure with that vibrator that night her teenager doll doesn’t ask for clothes when she stands next to her bed. Dressed with just that towel she says that she knows what Suzy is dreaming about and brings up the vibrator. Suzy thinks the thing is way too large for her but her doll convinces her to try it. Knowing that Suzy likes girls too she drops her towel and takes place between Suzy’s legs and tries to put in that huge thing. The vibrating rod slowly goes deeper and deeper into her slit until the whole length is in. Moaning from delight Suzy feels the vibrator entering her body further and further and let herself go. Molly continues until the sweating Suzy is cumming and is satisfied about the incredible orgasm she caused.

.CBR Downloads:!h45jHKjR!SSkeVdoNxo17LfntZ1DPzjfdkW75tc_xCySg9znwJHU,69273119/Sex_with_Suzy_(parody)_-NC01-_The_Pretty_Puppet.cbr/

Tor/Onion: tt3j2x4k5ycaa5zt.onion/uploads/NastyComics/Sex%20with%20Suzy%20%28parody%29%20-NC01-%20The%20Pretty%20Puppet.cbr



(drawings by I.A. 2015)

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