Spike and Suzy – The Helping Hand

The Dutch version of this adult parody comic was released in 2013. However an English version was done at the same time I didn’t finish it until 2014. Experiences from the past have shown that the used characters are only famous in the Dutch, Flemish and French speaking countries. Because I don’t speak French, and the lack of interest from English speaking people, I decided to stop with the “Willy & Wandy” / “Spike & Suzy” versions some years ago to stick with only the Dutch/Flemish ones.

This last year I received a handful of requests to release English versions of the comics, and also found an unauthorized translation, and however I don’t expect much feedback I’ll give it another go..

Apart from the ending picture the drawings themselves are the same as in the Dutch version. The balloons are different and sized to fit the English text.

The comic:

In this story Spike has hurt his both hands. Because of the bandages he’s not able to take a shower all by himself but Suzy is glad to help him with that. They meet in the bathroom but Suzy has exchanged her white dress for a slightly see-through gown which doesn’t go unnoticed by Spike, who’s getting a bit excited of that. After she defiantly played some with the buttons she leaves the bathroom to go to the bedroom. She didn’t mention to who’s bedroom she went but Spike soon finds out which one it actually was.

.CBR downloads:







Tor/Onion: http://tt3j2x4k5ycaa5zt.onion/uploads/NastyComics/Spike%20and%20Suzy%20%28parody%29%20-NC02EN-%20The%20Helping%20Hand.cbr

Torrent/Magnet: https://is.gd/SS_NC02EN_THH

eMule/eDonkey: https://tinyurl.com/SpSu-HelpingHand

(drawings by I.A. 2014/2015)

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