With Jo on Stage (chapter: Spike and Suzy)

“Jo & Co” is an ongoing serie of comics from Flanders by Merho (c) where it’s named “De Kiekeboes” (in the past: “Kiekeboe”) and Jo is the main character (Fanny in Dutch). For some odd reason the exact same serie was released in the Netherlands but with the name “Fanny & Co”, which doesn’t ring a bell by anyone, where “Kiekeboe” does!

“Bij Fanny op Schoot” is a special issue and was published outside the regular serie. I don’t think an English version was ever released but the title translates to something like “On Jo’s Lap”. In this comic she is hosting a talk show where she invites other comic characters and those characters are drawn by the original artist.

Jo and Co - With Jo on Stage 0-1

Jo and Co – With Jo on Stage 0-1

I re-did the cover, where I removed her shirt, and made a parody of one of the chapters and gave it an explicit adult twist. The Dutch version carries the same name as the original release (Bij Fanny op Schoot – hoofdstuk: Suske & Wiske) but also created an English version with the title “With Jo on Stage – chapter: Spike & Suzy”.

Jo and Co - With Jo on Stage 1-1

Jo and Co – With Jo on Stage 1-1

Many scenes are redrawn pictures from two pages of the original version but with different details to make it an adult comic, like sexy clothing and slipping tops.

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